What can I expect from sessions at Brookvale Psychology?
Brookvale Psychology’s experienced psychologists will work closely with you to:

Brookvale Psychologist Sessions
  • Provide an assessment. When commencing therapy, you will receive an assessment to ensure you receive the treatment that is most suitable for you.

  • Address your concerns. Good therapy involves being truly listened to. Through the process of sharing your concerns with an expert in listening, you can express your feelings in a safe environment, freeing yourself up for change.

  • Gain new perspectives and skills. Looking at issues you have been struggling with through a new lens can help build self-awareness and help to change unhelpful thinking and behaviour. Sessions also focus on developing effective strategies and practical skills to help create a more peaceful, balanced state of mind.

  • Build and maintain a good therapeutic relationship. Research shows that a good rapport with your therapist is a significant factor in psychological improvement. Our team are keenly aware of the role that a good therapeutic relationship has in creating positive therapeutic outcomes and we focuses on creating this with all of our clients.


Can I get a rebate for my session?

The rebate for seeing a clinical psychologist is $124.50 per session and the rebate for seeing a psychologist is $84.80 from Medicare for 10 sessions per calendar year.  A further rebate may also apply for those who have reached the Medicare safety net. Brookvale Psychology provides instant Medicare claiming so you can access your rebate immediately.

Private health care rebates are also provided.

Please talk to your GP about your eligibility for a care plan.

Therapy appointments are 50 minutes.

Appointment Times
Brookvale Psychology offers a range of appointment times including week days, after hours and also Saturday appointments. Please Contact Us to check availability.

Existing clients can make or change appointments with their psychologist through our Client Portal on the Contact Us page.

What can I expect from my first session?
The first session is called an assessment session where your psychologist gets to know, in detail, about your presenting problem, about yourself and relevant parts of your life history.
Whilst the assessment session is not a specific treatment session, many people feel relief from this initial session through the process of talking about and expressing their concerns with a skilled and caring listener.

How many sessions will I need?
As your concern will be different from the next, it is difficult to precisely say how many sessions will be needed. Some people will benefit from a short-term therapy (5 to 15 sessions) whilst others will find longer-term therapy more helpful. Weekly sessions are recommended initially if you are feeling intensely distressed. As you begin to improve, sessions can be held fortnightly or monthly. For others, fortnightly sessions work well from the beginning.

What is the Cancellation Policy?
At Brookvale Psychology we try hard to avoid cancellation fees. Text reminders are sent 3 business days prior to your appointment. As we often have a waiting list to see our psychologists, we appreciate the opportunity to offer any available appointments to clients on the waitlist. If less than 48 hours notice is given for cancelling an appointment, or if you do not attend your appointment, a cancellation fee is applied.

How can I manage my appointments?
We understand that at times appointments may need to be changed. As such we have a Client Portal which is an easy way to manage your appointments. The Client Portal which can be accessed here, or on our website menu, allows existing clients to see the list of their appointments and their psychologist’s availability. After creating a login you can add, change or remove appointments with ease through the Client Portal.